Dean's Award

Throughout my time at BUET, I received the Dean's Award twice for my exceptional academic performance. This prestigious recognition is evidence of my unwavering dedication to achieving success during my academic tenure at the university.

Champion at Mechanics Maestro 

At the Civil Engineering Festival hosted by BUET, I emerged as the champion in the Mechanics Maestro competition, triumphing over participants from across the nation. This triumph not only demonstrated my expertise in the domain but also emphasised my capacity to excel on a national scale.

Champion at Inter-Cantonment College Math Olympiad

I achieved the title of champion at the Intercantonment College Math Olympiad, showcasing my exceptional mathematical prowess and problem-solving skills. This victory underscores my dedication to academic excellence and success in competitive events. 

Secondary Certificate Examination Scholarship, Dhaka 

I was awarded a Secondary Merit Scholarship by the Dhaka Board in recognition of my exceptional performance in the Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC) examinations. This scholarship reflects my dedication to academic excellence and underscores the acknowledgment of my outstanding achievements at the secondary level. 

Junior School Certificate Examination Scholarship, Comilla

I received a Merit Scholarship in recognition of my outstanding achievement in the Junior School Certificate Examination in Comilla. This scholarship acknowledges not just my academic achievements but also emphasises my dedication to excellence throughout my junior school education.