From the Classroom to the Lab: 

The Multifaceted Approach of Nazmuz Sakib

Who Am I?

I'm a Lecturer, a Researcher and a Social activist.

What Am I?

An enthusiastic researcher and lecturer hailing from Dhaka, Bangladesh. I possess a solid grounding in civil engineering from BUET and have developed expertise in laboratory data collection, non-destructive testing, and structural health monitoring. With expertise in MATLAB-based dynamic analysis, finite element modelling, and pattern recognition, I am open to undertaking impactful projects. I am a Full-time Lecturer at AUST, where I instruct Foundation Engineering, Etabs Lab etc. In addition to being proficient in C/C++, MATLAB, Python, AutoCAD, ETABS, and SAP, I also possess computer literacy. My leadership roles and community service demonstrate my dedication beyond the realm of academia. I donate blood on a regular basis. Additionally, I serve as the district ambassador for the Ankur International, a global philanthropic organisation.  

Where to Find Me?

In the Lab

As I am interested in SHM and NDT

In the Class

As I am a dedicated teacher

At Social activities

As I am used to it